How can I keep my Full Feature order off hold?

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How can I keep my Full Feature order off hold?

    by Bob Tise » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

If you are sure that your design will pass dfm checks, that all layers have generated correctly and that your gerber files look like you expect
You can choose not to have us perform a complimentary design review.
Simply uncheck the box at the bottom of the order form reading "Add Free Design Review".

We will verify that your file name matches your order form, measure the board outline, check your smallest

trace/space and drill size to verify that the order is correct to that point. If this all checks out, we will produce the order as sent without any further delay.

t is still possible that the order will be stopped if we find a serious problem with it, but this is rare.

If you do want the design review to be performed, but don't want delays for simple adjustments, choose "Add Design

Review PLUS" to your order. This will add a small charge to your order to cover additional setup at our end.

We will adjust annular ring, clearances, and some other minor things in order to keep your project moving through the shop without delay. You will receive a design review report and notification of any changes that we intend to make.

We will also forward you a copy of the finished files for your records.
Sometimes, even with the Design Review PLUS service, we run into changes that we are not able to make.

We will let you know what those changes are and let you make edits as needed in order to proceed.

For Full Feature complimentary design review orders, we check a few more things that for Quick Turn orders.

Before you send your order, you should inspect to make sure the following things are present; Files Match order form. Check File layer text, labels and/or drawing for a match to your ordered part number.
(Put your part number and rev on one or all layers, either on the board somewhere or just outside the board outline)CSRui notes / Customer Emails do not conflict with order form selections or Sunstone posted manufacturing abilities.

Drawing call outs do not exceed order form selections or Sunstone posted manufacturing abilities.

If you send a fabrication drawing with restrictive or very detailed notes, add a readme file with instructions for

us to "PROCEED WITH MANUFACTURE USING SUNSTONE STANDARDS" or "DISREGARD NOTES BEYOND SUNSTONE STANDARD PROCESSES". Read me file does not conflict with order form selections or Sunstone posted manufacturing abilities.(For example, if you ordered green soldermask, don't leave a fabrication drawing note that calls for blue)

Apertures are defined. (Export your gerber files in RS274X for best results) Excellon drill file present and format confirmed. Tool coding reads into cam viewer or is available.

Component side 1 reads in facing up, others lined up.
(If you put some text on this layer, right reading, we should not have any questions) Smallest hole size is equal to or larger than hole size ordered. Trace width equal to or larger than trace width ordered. Annular ring .008" min. for plated through holes .005" vias. Min. space between board features.(Spacing between pads, area fills, traces, any other copper features should meet or exceed your minimum order form selection.)
.010"R clearances around drills / .020 clearance from cutouts board outline on inner layers.

Soldermask = pads or 1/2 of MIN trace/space ordered. Solder pads clear of soldermask.
(This will insure that there is no soldermask material on your solder pads.) Silkscreen .006 min. line width, not covering solder pads.
Copper features are .010" from fab line on outer layers, .020" on inner layers. (To avoid having exposed copper at the board edge)
For V-score: Copper features are .030"/.020" (Outer layer/Inner layer), from route line. There are no crossed traces. There are no unterminated traces. (Traces that don't appear to connect to anything at one end or both ends will be questioned.) Cut line / crop marks / drawing with datum correspond to ordered size. (We need a board outline in order to cut out your board. We can't proceed without one.) There do not seem to be any other problems that may cause a non functional board.
(This is a tough one; we look at lots of things that can't really be quantified. We will let you know if this applies.)
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