Out of Memory (RAM) in PCB123

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Out of Memory (RAM) in PCB123

    by jabre » Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:33 am

I am going through an existing schematic replacing components as several that I initially picked are not in stock and I want an accurate BOM. I've noticed that if I replace a part (capacitor, resistor, etc.) with another by using the process of copy, paste to new location, wire connect, delete old then save I end up increasing the memory consumption by 100MB with each step. Within a short time my consumption goes from 626MB to 1.5GB and I start getting Out of Memory errors and can no longer save my work.

Any ideas for workaround? Right now I get through about 5 components and need to shut down and restart PCB123.
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Re: Out of Memory (RAM) in PCB123

    by Sal Hernandez » Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:02 am

I see file size changing anywhere from 1 to 10 megs when editing a file as you described. I haven't been able to reproduce a 100 meg jump. Would you please send you file to support@sunstone.com and provide the steps you go through including the description of the part? Please also provide your computer specs so we can try to reproduce the issue.

Please provide OS, Installed and available memory when starting PCB123. Also provide a screen shot of your Task Manger processes and performance tabs. With PCB123 running as described,when you start PCB123, and when PCB123 is not running.

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