DFMplus Released!

DFMplus Released!

    by Nolan Johnson » Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:45 pm

Sunstone's DFMplus pre-sale Design For Manufacturability (DFM) service has been released this week.

DFMplus performs a thorough scan of your design files, and reports a number of items to you:

[*]Key design parameters and tolerances: for your reference, such as minimum trace-to-trace spacing found. These key design parameters help you with critical as-found information about your design that you may not be aware of. For example, your design's spacing values may be entirely within our manufacturing capabilities, but are in fact too close for your specific design's needs.

[*]Warning-level issues: items that may be a design yield or circuit integrity issue.

[*]Error-level issues: on design features that are clear violations of manufacturing limits or clear affects for design yield or circuit integrity.

[*]Layer stackups as found in the file set.

[*]Much much more.

Our beta testers found the DFMplus report to be extremely comprehensive. There are other DFM services available for use by PCB designers during prototype, but DFMplus represents a big step forward in the amount, completeness and detail of the information provided.

With this very high level of information about the manufacturability of the design being submitted, Sunstone Circuits customers can now do a quick analysis on the robustness of their design BEFORE ordering the board fabrication.

The result of all this information during quoting is that the customer can reduce the likelihood of multiple board spins just to get the design from prototype to production first-article. Not only that, but our comprehensive report gives you all the information you need the first time, reducing the number of iterations you have to take within the DFM service itself.

So give DFMplus a try. Like our beta testers, this free service will quickly become a must-do sanity check as you prepare your order for manufacture here at Sunstone Circuits.
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