The correct way to use off page port in schematic.

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The correct way to use off page port in schematic.

    by Chuan Liu » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

When you try to use an "Off page Port" on your schematic to show the connection between different pins on different schematic pages, there are details and steps you need to follow to get the correct port name and net.

The steps to add an off page ports are:

1. Click on the "off Page port" Icon.

2.You will see on the left side of your screen the "Edit panel", It will show "NET1" for this port's default net assignment. You should change your net name here.

3. Then move your mouse to drop the port on the schematic.

These 3 steps will ensure your off page port's Net assignment and the text displayed on the schematic are the same.

Users will often drop a few ports at the same time onto the schematic. They are all default to "NET1", then they will begin changing the name of these off page ports. In this process, please make sure you mouse over the port, your mouse icon becomes a circuit symbol instead of a green "T" . "T" means you can change the text displayed for this off page port but not the Net assignment. The circuit symbol will change both the displayed text and the Net assignment.

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