v4.1.25 netlist importing issue

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v4.1.25 netlist importing issue

    by Sal Hernandez » Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:40 am

When you import a netlist into PCB123 the program is currently sorting the list of parts by part type and doesn't handle the spaces in your part type names.

Example: Your part type names are listed as follows: HEADER 1, HEADER 16, HEADER 3, HEADER 4, HEADER 8, HEADER 9.

The netlist import tool stops reading at the space and combines all of these in a part type HEADER.

If the part types in your net list were saved as HEADER_1, HEADER_16, HEADER_3, HEADER_4, HEADER_8, HEADER_9 PCB123 would see them as unique parts and list them separately in the table.

If you run into this issue and you select a part for the header in the example above you may have just assigned a footprint that doesn't match the number of pins listed in your netlist. You will then get a “component xxxx does not have a pin named yyyy” error message.

To over come this issue you can manually edit your netlist to remove any spaces then import the netlist again.

The plan for the next release is to not sort the parts list by part type alone. We will use a combination of Part Type and Package to identify the unique parts in the netlist. Please feel free to contact customer support if you have any questions.

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