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The GLOSS command in layout

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:15 pm
by Nolan Johnson
In talking to customers, I often find that newer users aren't aware of the GLOSS command in PCB123. I find this particular function to be extremely useful during the routing phase of the design.

Here's what the PCB123 manual says about GLOSS:

"The Gloss command automatically performs aesthetic rerouting. It typically removes redundant corners and segments, often spreads routes out, and generally fixes such minor problems as acute angles and 90-degree bends. An example is shown below. (in attachment)"

I often find that I can easily see how to group a series of traces from one area of the board to another, but getting all the angles, bends and spaces right the first time is certainly a challenge. I almost always end up crowded to one side of a chokepoint or other. But applying the GLOSS function to a trace route grouping to clean up my imperfections leaves well-formed, DRC correct, relatively optimal and smooth-flowing traces to replace my amateur ones.

Try the GLOSS function: it's a real time-saver.