Creating Slots or Cutouts

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Creating Slots or Cutouts

    by Sal Hernandez » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

PCB123 v5 now allows up to 4 slots or cutouts. Version 5 includes a cutout tool and new pin properties that allow you to create a slot.

The Cutout tool can be found on the toolbar or by selecting Insert > Add Cutout. This tool allows you to create non-plated round or rectangular cutouts.

Slots are added to a layout using the Add Pin tool.

1. Select the add pin tool.
2. Go to the top section of the Edit Panel.
3. Select the slot check box.
4. Set the properties for your slot.
5. Add the slot to your layout.

If you already have a pin on your layout and want to convert it to a slot you can right click on the pin and select properties. On the pins tab set the appropriate options.

Notches in the board outline that are less than .1" and orders with more than 4 slots and cutouts cannot be ordered through the PCB123 service. Please go to the website to place your order using our Full Feature service.

If you have additional routing requirements and are ordering through the Full Feature or Custom Quote service feel free to include additional notes describing the desired routing on the Mechanical layer outside the board outline.

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