Long wait time when trying to delete layout footprints

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Long wait time when trying to delete layout footprints

    by Sal Hernandez » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:44 am

The slowness with the part deletion is a consequence of the program attempting to optimize the length of all net rat lines to be the minimum length possible. This routine could probably be made faster in a future release, but for now the customer should work around the problem.

  1. in the layout view in wireframe mode, press the HOME key to make the entire board visible.
  2. click the green dot button of the selection toolbar to make all objects on the board selectable.
  3. with the mouse, select the entire board and all of the objects in it
  4. right click on the selection and choose PROPERTIES from the popup menu
  5. select the NETS tab of the dialog that appears
  6. place a checkmark in the DO NOT OPTIMIZE checkbox (this will turn off the minimum spanning processing of rats nest lines by PCB123 following changes to the board)
  7. press OK
The part deletions should be quicker now.

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