How do I add traces to my layout?

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How do I add traces to my layout?

    by Sal Hernandez » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:08 pm

  1. If you are working directly from the layout select the
    Freestyle Routing.JPG
    Freestyle Routing.JPG (1.02 KiB) Viewed 5214 times
    Freestyle Routing tool (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R) from the toolbar. You may also select the Freestyle routing too from the main menu under Insert > Add Freestyle Route.
  2. Next, click on a pin, trace or polygon to begin routing. Route the trace until you need to change directions then left click to create a corner and continue drawing your trace in the new direction.
  3. Clicking on a pin will end the trace at that pin. If you try to end the trace at another trace or polygon you will need to left click on the object then press Esc to end the trace.
  4. As you route the pcb you may need to add vias to route around existing traces. Please review the how to add vias post.
Note: If you started from schematic and have ratsnest lines on your board you can click directly on a ratsnest line to begin routing on a trace. If you double click on a ratsnest line PCB123 will attempt to autoroute the trace.

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