If you import a netlist into PCB123 please read this.

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If you import a netlist into PCB123 please read this.

    by Sal Hernandez » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:54 pm

Importing a netlist into PCB123 can be a real time saver but I have come across one issue that can cause some confusion and frustration. When you import a netlist in to PCB123 you select all of your footprints and PCB123 should auto create a schematic that matches. You may have looked over at the Sync_Page and found rows of components connected by ports. Sometimes PCB123 will miss a symbol/symbols on the schematic. So you end up with a part on the layout that does not have a matching schematic symbol. You can recognize this problem if you are unable to connect to pins of a specific part. You might see a message stating that Pin '#' cannot be connected because there is no matching pin defined in the schematic symbol. This could mean that the symbol does not exist or that the symbol just doesn't include all of the required pins. There is a way to fix this issue.

If you have a single part that is causing an issue and you don't mind losing any routing to this part you can copy and paste a new instance of that part on your layout. Remove the old instance and change the reference designator back to the original value by right clicking on the footprint, select properties and change the reference designator on the Components tab. You can then import your net list to get net assignments back.

If you have multiple parts missing from the schematic and you need to retain all of your routing you can try the following.
  1. Select File > Save As Template.
  2. Give the template a name and select OK.
  3. Select File > Open Template.
  4. Locate your template in the list and select OK.
  5. Select Design > Board Configuration. Here you need to verify your settings are as they were in your original design file then select OK.
  6. Finally save your PCB123 by selecting File > Save As. You may want to give the file name a revision change.
You should now be able to make the needed connections on your layout. If you look at the sync page now you will see that the auto generated schematic has been updated to include all missing symbols and pins. You will now find that all of your parts are locked in place. You can unlock individual parts by right clicking on a footprint, select properties and un-check the locked check box on the Components tab. If you want to unlock all of the parts drag a box around the entire layout, right click on any object and select properties. Switch to the Components tab and un-check the Locked check box.

Please contact customer support if you have any questions.

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