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    by Sal Hernandez » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

The AVX libraries are down and will be removed in the next PCB123 release to prevent any further confusion.

There are a few other users that have requested a Full Library download option. We will consider this for a future release. The full library is well over 20 Gigs and growing.

I will forward your comments on parts filtering to our product management.

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    by attilavv » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

Hi, First, i am a new user with PCB123. I am in France ( sorry for my poor english ) I search a FREE solution for rebuild some old card ( collector ), not for me, but for simple user. I have started with PCB123 and many componants in library ! YES ! old 8080, 8085 and other ... A bad point, is the download library system. At this time, many body have xDSL, fast internet and permanant connecxion. Why not a option for download FULL library ? It is possible in many time and in slow mode. At this time some library with name : ultra\avx_digikey X .slb are BAD ! When i am searching for CAP 8 time for 10 i have the windows for download ! If somebody have a fast connection, answers is alway YES ! If somebody is not connected, answers is alway NO ! Many time lost for all windows ... And wheen a library is not prsent ... For some chip, a "little" option for CMS or normal chip is good idea. Or classe type by "drill size", number of pin, but "pin count" is present.
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