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Printing Options

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:01 am
by daduggan
Feature Request for Printing Options when printing artwork.

Printing Options:
1) Center of Page (Like current Printing 1 copy in center)
2) Custom Output
Image Origin:
Top Left
Top Right
Bottom Left
Bottom Right
(Could be a square graphic with dot selection points to pick from)

Multi Images:
## Horz Copies
Add Space Between Horz Copies (Gutter space)
## Vert Copies
Add Space Between Vert Copies (Gutter Space)

Page Origin:
Offset From top ###
Offset From Left ###

This will provide options for us making several prototype boards without printing several copies and wasting paper and materials. This also allows for moving the artwork position on the sheet so it can be sent back through the printer to add text notes and information around the artwork instead of it being in the center of the sheet.