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Tips for single layer board orders.

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am
by Bob Tise
1. Single layer boards, (slb) with through hole components typically have all of the copper on the 'bottom', 'secondary', or 'solder side' of the board in order to provide a more robust solder joint. Through hole components will be VERY difficult to solder if copper is on the component side of the board.
2. Single layer boards need some text in order to orient all layers correctly. For top copper, (component side) text should read normally. For bottom side copper layers text should be reversed in order to read correctly from the bottom of the board. We cannot produce your single sided board without some orientation text due to the increased chance of building it backward. Orientation text can be placed outside of the board outline, we will remove it prior to fabrication.
3. Usually with a single layer board, designers tend to oversize the pads provided for soldering through hole component leads due to the reduced mechanical support provided by non plated through holes. (NPTH)
4. In cases where large pads would cause interference, you can use an oval shaped pad oriented in such a way that it is aligned with the direction providing the most room.
5. If oval pads are not an option you can achieve a similar effect by using teardrops at your pad entry. This will not increase your solder pad, but will increase the trace width where it enters the pad. Your solder joint will be weaker than the large pad options. 5/23/2011 12:57:03 PM