Full Featured NRE saves you when you reorder

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Full Featured NRE saves you when you reorder

    by Nolan Johnson » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:40 pm

For over ten years, our Full Feature Multi-layer PCB fabrication service has given you total control over all aspects of your multi-layer circuit board's construction, AND Sunstone’s experienced engineering team to work with you, ensuring that your new PCB designs meet Sunstone’s manufacturing requirements.

Sunstone just recently introduced an NRE line item for first-time orders of your PCB Design. NRE has been a standard charge for most PCB manufacturers. So it comes as no surprise the the Sunstone NRE charge has been called "favorable" and "highly competitive" by customers who have compared our NRE charges to other Fabricators.

In case NRE is new to you, NRE stands for Non-Recurring Expense. In this case, NRE refers to a one-time charge to set up everything necessary to manufacture your PCB board. This includes:

* Detailed up-front planning focused on the manufacturing processes to ensure no details are left to chance for your custom product. An order-specific job traveler is created with all the necessary information needed for complete process control and accurate build. Any necessary or suggested edits will be communicated to you to result in better manufacturing yield and product reliability.

* Fully optimized CNC drill information, electrical test data, CNC profiling (“routing” your board to precise dimensional tolerances), stencil data, and assembly data.

* Expert CAM team (in-house) will make any modifications necessary and this artwork will be archived for future reorders. (A copy of these edited files are available at no charge on request).

But the payoff for NRE comes from the fact that it is a one-time setup for your part. When you reorder, we don't charge the NRE fee. By including an NRE for first-time orders, Sunstone has been able to adjust some Full Featured prices down, saving you money overall. Not only do your re-orders not include NRE specifically, but in many cases, the overall price has dropped as well.

We think Full Feature customers will find these changes to be, in the words of our customers, "favorable" overall, and is just another way Sunstone continues to find ways to maximize our services while optimizing the value to the customer.
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