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Where do I get tracking information on my order?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:10 pm
by Barbie
Where do I find tracking information?

Orders ship between 3-4 PM Pacific. Tracking numbers are provided when your shipping label is printed, but it may take a few hours for this information to show up on the shipper’s website.

Tracking information is added to your order information on your Sunstone profile once your order ships. You can find this information by logging onto your profile. Mouse over My account to get a drop down list.
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Find the order number you wish to view check status to make sure it shows shipped.
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Click on the order number to bring up the details
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On the order page, scroll to the bottom you will see a section titled "Shipping Information" Your tracking number should appear here.
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Tracking information may not show up right away. Please wait until after 10pm Pacific to check the status of your order on the day it ships.