Ultiboard – Generating Gerber & NC Drill Files

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Ultiboard – Generating Gerber & NC Drill Files

    by Terri Miller » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:11 am

Ultiboard – Generating Gerber & NC Drill Files

Question: How do I generate the Gerber and NC Drill files using National Instrument’s Ultiboard?

Answer: Attached is a pdf file that lists the instructions for generating these files using Ultiboard. Also, here is a YouTube link created by National Instruments, that lists the steps necessary to create the files that need to be submitted to Sunstone Circuits for your pcb order.


Here are a few helpful hints as well… I hope that you will find these items will make the process a little easier and help ensure that the required files are submitted.

Generate all available layers either for upload or reference. Sometimes uploading the incorrect file is due to not generating all of the layers to begin with. If the layers are not needed later, they can be easily deleted.
Use default extension names rather than creating new extensions.
You can save the files to your desktop, create a new folder, or use an existing one. You may wish to create a WinZip file and upload the compressed file rather than uploading each file individually.
• For Value Proto Products, first generate all available layers and after identifying layers, upload files for order.
• For Quick Turn Products, first generate all available layers and after identifying layers, map layers during order process. Include other layers and .EWPRJ file for reference. We can also convert the files for you using the .EWPRJ file.
• For Full Feature or Custom Quote Products, generate all available layers and submit, along with all information about the design. Also include the .EWPRJ file for reference. *Note: Only include .EWPRJ file that match the gerber files. If another version of the file is submitted, your order WILL be delayed. We can also convert the files for you using the .EWPRJ file.
Export Gerber files using the Extended Gerber RS-274X option. This will generate files with the apertures already embedded.
Ultiboard includes a built-in Gerber Viewer that you can use to verify the files created. No matter the product, please review files before submitting!
If you have questions, you can upload your file here, contact support, or send me a personal message regarding your files.

If you need assistance, please reply to post, contact our Customer Support team, or send a message to us here and we will do our best to assist you.
National Instruments Ultiboard & Sunstone - generate Gerber and Drill Files.
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