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EAGLE, Native File Conversion & Object Layers

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:24 pm
by Terri Miller

Whether you are generating your own gerber files from EAGLE software or having Sunstone do your file conversion for you, there are steps you must know to generate your files and layer information that you must provide in order to ensure the accuracy of the conversion.

One way to generate your gerber files using EAGLE software is to run the CAM Processor. Sunstone Circuits also offers PCB Native File Conversion if you would like for us to convert the file for you.

When you choose a CAM job and open, you must select Object Layers to output to a device or file. Whatever is required for your design. And you would also have to provide this information (object layer numbers) for your Native file conversion during the order process at Sunstone (See Sunstone-EAGLE Layer Mapping.jpg attachment).

For further information on Object Layers within EAGLE, see attachment called EAGLE & Object LYR Info.jpg; this table contains the layer numbers, names, extensions (both default in EAGLE and what Sunstone uses internally) and also layer definitions.

For an example of choosing the object layers within EAGLE software, see EAGLE Object Lyrs.JPG; the Silkscreen for the Top Side in this example consists of Object Layers 21 (tPlace) & 25 (tNames). This is where you define which layers are required for your design. During the order process, you will be prompted to include these Object Layer numbers for each layer of an EAGLE Native File Conversion OR, you will need to choose these at the time that you convert your EAGLE .brd file to gerbers.

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Thank you!

Re: EAGLE, Native File Conversion & Object Layers

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:11 am
by Terri Miller

Here is more information about the Object Layers in EAGLE software. These are from the EAGLE help menu and contain the Object Layer number, the default name of the layer, and the definition of the layer.

Whether you order Sunstone's Native File Conversion or are converting the file yourself, the Object Layer numbers are what you will need to define your layers.

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