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How do I upload a new set of files?

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 1:13 pm
by Eric Haugen
Please note: If your order is in preproduction or currently in production, you must contact customer support. Orders currently in preprocess or in production must be cancelled (charges may apply to orders in production) and you cannot update files.

For an order that you have just placed and is still in received status:
  • Click "my orders"
    Click your order number link
    Click Files and Layers
    Click Layer Mapping
    Click "File Info"
    Click "Upload Different Files"

If you have just submitted a web quote you need to upload a new file set you can do the following:

From your Sunstone Circuits profile:
  • Click on "my quotes"
    Click the link for your quote number
    Click "revise quote"
    Select "Quote without files"
    This will now let you upload a new file set.

If you have just filled out the quote form and uploaded files, but need to change them for whatever reason:
  • Click the "Upload Board Files" button (the up arrow)
    Click Layer Mapping
    Click "File Info"
    Click "Upload Different Files"