Noobish Question Regarding Data Acquistion

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Noobish Question Regarding Data Acquistion

    by geomagnet » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

Hello, I am not an electrical engineer so pardon my inaccurate vocabulary. I want to have a device made with these characteristics. GPS (and logging), xyz accelerometer logging, touch screen display (small...~3"), digital camera (with video), temperature sensor, solar charger and built-in induction charger,IR dataport,real-time transmitter with range of 200 yards, and cpu to run clock function, multiple timers function, and other custom functions to handle the data (or display it). Perhaps run on a well known open source OS. Yeah, I know, it sounds like an IPhone. I don't want the phone part, speakers, bluetooth, or a bunch of apps. It will be used as a sports data logger for competition athletes. I anticipate attaching this to the athelete and sitting in the bleachers with a laptop monitoring position and other data as it is streamed in real-time. If a coach is not around, then it should record the event to be analyzed at a later time. I'm hoping that it can be really small, light and power miserely to last for many hours between charges. Is this something that can be produced economically for a short production run, or perhaps even on the shelf already?
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Re:Noobish Question Regarding Data Acquistion

    by Eric Haugen » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

It's difficult to answer this question without having any sort of layout done. However, it sounds like the biggest cost for you would possibly be with the components themselves. So, to at least get an idea of the cost for the components I would suggest surfing the digikey website so you can start to get a rough estimate on what this device would run you. I've heard of a few devices with a GPS unit built in for athletes, but nothing to the scope of what you want to design.
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