Sunstone Circuits Launches New Corporate Website

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Sunstone Circuits Launches New Corporate Website

    by mohara » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:48 am

Sunstone Circuits®, the leading printed circuit board PCB Prototype solutions provider, has launched a new corporate website dedicated to making the PCB design engineer’s life easier, from project quote to PCB delivery. The new website, which is cleaner in design and easier for the user to navigate, features streamlined navigation and user content, including whitepapers, videos, and customer testimonials.

Visitors to the new website will notice a new “look and feel,” more comprehensive search functionality, and easier access to critical information. Also with the launch of the new website, two new product offerings have been introduced:

The inclusion of PCB123® files into the ValueProto ordering process:

For the PCB123 user community, ordering from ValueProto for some designs is an ideal choice when fabrication requirements are for small quantities of 2-layer boards, or for projects that do not require the 24-hour quick turn expedited build times traditional to PCB123.

The introduction of nano coating to the Stencils line of products:

Nano coating is a two part, wipe on process, made up of hydrophobic elements that repel flux and solder, resulting in improved paste release for extremely small components. The coating is applied to the contact side of the stencil prior to shipment, making the stencil ready to use right out of the box. This coating is recommended for fine pitch QFNs, fine pitch ICs, micro BGAs, and 0201 component types.

“We asked design engineers what would make their lives easier, when they go online to order PCBs. It was through this research and customer feedback that we were able to design a site that is not only cleaner and easier to navigate, but saves the designer time and money,” said Sunstone’s CEO, Terry Heilman. “For over 40 years, Sunstone has been committed to helping design engineers build their prototypes faster and ultimately have their finished products more quickly and with less effort. We are confident that through these new offerings, customers will notice the Sunstone difference in the marketplace. Our new website is just one more way that Sunstone continues to lead the industry, from project quote to PCB delivery.”

The new website complements a growing suite of PCB solutions from Sunstone that includes Bundled Assembly, Slots & Cutouts and Expanded Drill Sizes on PCBExpress Quickturn, SMT Stencils, and ITAR Registration, to name a few. With the new website user experience, Sunstone Circuits is continuing to differentiate themselves as the preferred comprehensive PCB solutions provider within the marketplace.

To explore the new website offerings, please visit

Sunstone Circuits remains committed to providing the best technical support in the printed circuit board industry. Anyone seeking answers or assistance with the new website or any of our product offerings can reach live technical support representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
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Re: Sunstone Circuits Launches New Corporate Website

    by thanuabi » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:28 am

this is the excellent news.Sunstone circuits are launches new website.It is useful for all.great information.
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Re: Sunstone Circuits Launches New Corporate Website

    by Robert Ohanesian » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:32 pm

Thank you! We're all very excited here at Sunstone as well! Let us know if you have any questions or even some suggestions for the new website. You can email us at We look forward to talking with you more!

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