Full Feature hold notice, fabrication notes:

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Full Feature hold notice, fabrication notes:

    by Bob Tise » Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:25 am

Q: What is the single most common reason for a Full Feature order to go on hold?

A: Fabrication drawing notes or instructions that conflict with order form selections or Sunstone Printed Circuits Manufacturing Capabilities.

Production notes commonly call for things that are not needed on a PCB prototype board. These items are typically related to more stringent standards, closer tolerances, production material requirements, or something as simple as soldermask color.

Probably the easiest way to keep your full feature order moving through production is, if you can accept our online stated capabilities; just don't send the fabrication drawing or notes with your order.

If you have to send the drawing or notes, add a readme file to your order.
The readme file can be as simple as;

Disregard fabrication drawing notes and build using Sunstone capabilities and standard processes.
If we see that, we will build and inspect to IPC-600 latest revision.
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