Full Feature – Lead Times Explained

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Full Feature – Lead Times Explained

    by Barbie » Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:47 pm

Full Feature is our service a step up from Quickturn. It encompasses orders that require a little more detail and services then the Quickturn process. This service greatly benefits production runs with the flexibility of longer lead times.

Full Feature boards have a cut-off time of 2:00 pm; this is an important factor in determining when the ship date of your order will occur. Since the Full Feature PCB service offers a free design review. It is very important to respond to this as soon as you receive it. The design review will be sent on all orders that have customer instructions or details that may cause an issue with our manufacturing process or when the technicians need clarification of the specifications you have requested.

The design review notice will be sent to the default email address linked to the order. This document will contain information regarding the possible conflicts they may see. A response is required and is important to prevent any delay in the requested lead time for your order.

PCB Lead times are generally done per week and start the day following the order being placed if it is received by our cut off time at 2:00 P.M. Three weeks is generally the standard lead time for this service, but we do offer lead times as short as a few days for Full Feature, but not all boards will qualify for shorter lead times; the quote form can assist you in determining the shortest lead time possible if time is a factor.

For lead times 1, 2 and 3 days, the days are counted from 2pm on the day the order is received and accepted. Are days are determined in 24 hour increments. So, if you ordered the board at 11am on Tuesday with a 2 day lead time, it would complete Thursday at 11am, ready to ship that afternoon.

Please see PCB Full Feature for more information about this service.
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