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PCBexpress Quickturn Lead Times Explained

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:10 am
by Barbie
Lead-time is the time it takes to manufacture your board. It will begin at the next following cut-off time once you have submitted your order. In order to prevent any delay, three things must be in place,

1. The order is received

2. The order is paid

3. The files have been approved

Since our cut off time for our PCBexpress Quickturn is every weekday 12:00 PM Monday – Friday (Saturday and Sunday will count as Monday) our "days" start at 12:01pm. So, 1 day is from 12:01pm to 12:01pm the following day Monday - Friday.

The cut-off time is not flexible beyond a few minutes. If you see your time stamp was 12:03PM, and you want to make sure that they count for that day. Give us a call; in most cases we should be able to include it as if it was received by 12:00.

The lead-time can be extended if the payment is not received. If you submitted your order with a payment pending status, the lead-time won't begin until payment has cleared for the order.

It is very important that you keep an eye on your email after the boards have been submitted if this is a new order. Although our technicians do not perform design rule checks on PCBexpress Quickturn, Drc's may still be noticed and if anything falls outside of the manufacturability of the service, they will be put on hold and an email notice will be sent to you. This will also change your due date. If you are unsure what guidelines to follow, check PCB Manufacturing Capabilities for more details.

If this happens, it will also push back the lead-time as the order would not be completed until files are received, paid and accepted.

All orders submitted after 12:01pm PST Friday that are complete, will have 12:00PM Monday morning lead-time start date.

**Expedite will remove 1 day from the lead time. There is a 50% charge for this service. Be sure to check the box expedite when you enter your quote. E1 is not available to be expedited. The minimum lead time required for any order is 24 hours during product days.