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New PCB123 video tutorials available - making custom parts

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am
by Nolan Johnson
Over the past few releases of PCB123, we've evolved and enhanced the methods for building up a part from scratch. To help you with that process, Sal Hernandez just created a three-part tutorial video on how to make a complete part definition. Like all our PCB123 tutorial videos, you can find them at youtube, on the SunstoneCircuits channel.

You can also find links to the videos on the website at:
PCB123 Tutorials

The three videos follow the natural progression involved in making a part: making a layout footprint; making a schematic symbol; binding the two together in the parts library (or taxonomy). So give the tutorials a look, and don't hesitate to comment on content, or ask questions. We make these videos to answer your specific questions.