Sunstone Removes Drill Size Restrictions on Quickturn

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Sunstone Removes Drill Size Restrictions on Quickturn

Postby Nolan Johnson » Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:49 am

Back in 'The Day', when we first launched our Quickturn PCB services, Sunstone had to put some restrictions on some features to allow our customers more affordable, and fast, turn-time boards. Back then, these restrictions made it easier for Sunstone to minimize the number of tool changes and job-specific setups. That kept the factory running at full-tilt, and THAT kept our turn times short while still priced competitively.

One of those key parameters we limited was the list of available drill sizes for through-holes. By limiting the size of through-holes to a predefined list of sizes, we could minimize or eliminate the number of times we had to stop the drill machines to change out drill bits. Over the years, Sunstone has periodically increased the number of preset drill sizes from about 12 to about 24 predefined drill bits.

As the years have progressed, and component packaging has changed, so have the needs of our customers. When we started the Quickturn service, the number of drill sizes needed was fairly small anyway; with primarily through-hole parts, the tolerances were pretty lenient. Nowadays, however, those drill hole tolerances are getting tighter. Add to this the fact that Sunstone has been updating and expanding our manufacturing equipment every year, adding capacity and capability that just wasn't available in the early days. Yes, the list of pre-defined drill sizes was starting to look a bit too restrictive overall.

So we changed it! Sunstone now offers unrestricted drill sizes! The drill bits range from .0135 to .257, resulting in finished holes ranging from .008 to .0135. Simply put, we'll hit the drill size specified in your design file with a +/- .005 tolerance.

No need to carefully review your drill holes to make sure the preset replacement size will be acceptable. If a tolerance of +/-.005 is close enough, you don't even have to THINK about it any more. Just order your boards!

Keep in mind that we still use Preset drill sizes for our ValueProto service. Your ValueProto orders and restrictions have not changed with this new set of features in Quickturn.

And, if you're ordering from Sunstone's legacy site,, we've kept the drill size restrictions in place there, as well. If you're currently a customer, and you want to take advantage of the new drill sizes, just pop over to and quote your Quickturn order there. We're pretty sure you'll be glad you did.

Sunstone has been, is, and always will be, innovative in the prototype and quickturn PCB manufacturing space. Moving our Quickturn services forward with the your needs is a natural and expected way to maintain this innovation.
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