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Stencil Life

Postby Molly O'Hara » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

Question: "Is there a recommended usage rate for stencils? Is there a way to determine when it's time to replace a squeegee or a stencil?"
K. B. Answer from Sunstone Circuits: For the stainless steel type of stencils commonly used for solder paste application, they will typically outlive the product lifecycle as long as they are well taken care of and not damaged. Some common forms of stencil damage that may occur involve improper handling of the stencil (bending, twisting, scratching etc), and improper set up of the machine (i.e. damage caused by the metal squeegee).

Also, exposure to high heat can degrade a stencil, not adhering to proper cleaning techniques, or using incompatible chemicals for the cleaning can have a negative impact as well. Stencils with tighter pitch components tend to wear at a faster rate than those that have larger webs between openings.

Visual inspection of the stencil before use and inspection of the solder paste deposit should give an indication of any degradation of the stencil quality.

The same applies for a squeegee as far as possible causes of degradation and quality.
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