Problem with pins and vias keeping their attributes

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Problem with pins and vias keeping their attributes

Postby svart » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:39 am


I've been using this program for about a month. So far I've found it fairly comparable to PADS and Allegro for the most part since I don't use very specialized features on those other programs, but I digress.

One issue I've had is that when importing an updated netlist and running the "compare/update", it works for the most part, but random vias and pins on parts will lose any attributes I have set for them.

The most common issue is that I'll have vias attached to a net, say 3V3, but after import a few of them will now be N/C or GND or some other random net.

Second most common problem is that random pins on random parts (not always the same pins, and not the same parts) will lose attributes like turning off thermal relief. If I turn it off, it may or may not come back when I do an import.

Also, trying to do a whole part thermal attribute, (in this case turning it back off when the import turned it back on) sometimes works, sometimes I get an error "two pins may not occupy the same position", but if I do it per pin, it works fine.

However, doing this per pin on large pin number parts is killing me, and so is hunting for and resetting attributes that should stay as I set them.

Any ideas how I can avoid this, or is this just a software bug?
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