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Here you can find discussions pertaining to finding or creating Symbols and package footprints. Anything to do with Schematic or layout parts will be placed in this discussion.

Bottom Silkscreen ???

Ok here s the problem.

I have this footprint with bottom silkscreen.
I tried to update the footprint but it doesn't work, don't tell me to erase the part and put it again.

My question.
If I send my PCB will you print that bottom silk ? or are you able to remove it?

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Non-rectangular surface mount pads

I am trying to design a surface mount pad for an LED (recommended solder pad attached), but the shape is not rectangular. In order to create the 0.4x0.5mm additions on the sides, I have to create a new pad and set it adjacent to the 0.5x4.8mm rectangles. This, however, violates minimum spacing requirements between 2 pads. Will ignoring this warning cause them to be merged in manufacturing, or is there another way to go about ...
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how to merge files

I have two seperate custom libraries that i want to merge. They have distinct .slb and .sym files but as far as I can tell pcb123 only uses the one Is there a way to combine my two files into one? Thanks
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one 'pin' on symbol, two pads on footprint?

Hello, I have a few parts, like fuse clips and blader terminals, which have two physical pins but are electrically connected. Should I make separate pins on the schematic symbol? Or is there some way to make two "pads" logically connected in the footprint? Thanks, SysTom
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What is necessary to "share" a library?

I currently work on two computers. I have a desktop at work that does all of my main design work. I use a laptop to work offsite and use it very often to draft part files. Typically, these files are saved to my Microsoft SkyDrive, so I can move them over to the network when I'm back at work. It would be extremely helpful if I could do this as well with PCB123.

I even ...
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Making a polygon pin??

Hi there,

I am trying to make a polygon pin for a footprint but I cannot make one using the footprint editor in pcb123. Can anyone advise?

Many thanks in advance!
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Footprint for TI DRV8811 (w/powerpad)

Trying to figure out how to get around program limitations to create a footprint for the Texas Instrument DRV8811 Stepper Motor Controller.
Datasheet URL:

It's basically a 28 Pin TSSOP with what TI calls a "powerpad" that requires a relatively large copper pour on top and bottom layers with 21 vias to conduct heat to the opposite side of the board.

No problems with the 28 normal pins, ...
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Some sunstone footprints are incorrect?

I found several footprints that are different from the layout recommended by the manufacturer's datasheets. Therefore I was wondering if these footprints still work for the parts?

Here are the lists of part numbers that are different:

Any inputs are going to be accepted! Thanks in advance!
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standard stencil opening for qfn

yes, i would like to know what is industrial standard stencil opening vs. recommendation stencil opening for qfn
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problem: Create new part


I want to use a CP2102 in my circuit and I couldn't find it in PCB123 ( ... -ND/696598) So I attempted to create my own part. I created everything and I can find it in Add Part - Manage Parts under Chips/Interface/ when i look for it but it doesn't show the actual device icon but it just displays my part on the right side while the ...
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