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Here you can find discussions pertaining to finding or creating Symbols and package footprints. Anything to do with Schematic or layout parts will be placed in this discussion.

Net/Track Issue

I'm currently laying out a board and am having an issue with a "Track". I have routed this track and everything looks fine. However, when I highlight the track the information that pops up states that the Start and End points are the same, in this case U71.1. To me, this indicates that it is not connected to the actual start point U7.1. Is this a know issue or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, ...
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Printing the layout Printing the layout

The PCB I design will be manufactured and used in a different country. I dont even have the parts I have to work with, so I would like to print the PCB layout into a PDF and send them to print and quickly check if all the footprints are correct for the parts.

How can I do that? If I use cutePDF or Nitro to print the layout into a PDF it tried to print ...
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Rectangular shaped holes Rectangular shaped holes

Hi. I have to put an MTA106D switch to my PCB which has rectangular shaped pins. According to this document the part requires 1mm x 2mm holes (0.039in x 0.078in)

What I am thinking about is creating holes:
- rectangular shaped pads
- hole diameter: 1mm
- pad height: 2mm
- pad width: 2mm

and put couple pads like this in a row to create on bigger sized hole.

My questions are: is this a ...
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Where can I find the library DB25 and DB9 connector?

Hello, all right.
I'm building a circuit to record the memories 24C04 SMD and memory 24C04 DIP8 and do not know where to find the DB25 (parallel port) and DB9 connectors
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incorrect part shown in the schematic

I'm brand new to PCB123 (today) but have quite a bit of experience with ExpressPCB and with Eagle PCB software by CadSoft.

In my first PCB123 project, I've run into a problem. When I specify a 10-contact connector, AWLP-10/3.2-G-R (DigiKey Part HDM10H-ND), a 14-pin connector appears in the schematic. Yet, the correct part number (AWLP-10-...) appears in the bill of materials. Also, the part number shown when I place the "cursor" on the part in ...
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Ultra Library part issues

We have found parts in the Ultra Library that have incorrect footprint associations, incorrectly labeled footprints, or footprints that match the component pads not the recommended land pattern. Please be sure to check every part that you place on your design to ensure that it matches the part that you will purchased and place on your pcb. We are working to correct these issues so please report any incorrect footprints or symbols that you see ...
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PCI express mini card connector

Are there any PCI express mini connectors in the library? I've done a number of searches for molex and digikey part numbers. Nothing so far. If I have to create one, how long would you expect it to take (1st time)?
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PCB123 Library Corrections

As footprints and symbols are updated with corrections you will need to remove the old libraries from your PC and download the updated library files.

The following example shows what the updated library information will look like and how to delete the old parts and download the updated library files. In the future we will provide a web page listing the parts that are corrected (updated library information) which includes the libraries that have been ...
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Problem 6-DIP Schematic symbol

It would be handy if the library 6-DIP-300 matched the layout component
1 6
2 5
3 4
such as this. not sure if the other DIPs are the same
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Merging Libraries

We have several designers creating parts. Is there a way to merge footprint/symbol libraries into one?

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