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Here you can find discussions pertaining to finding or creating Symbols and package footprints. Anything to do with Schematic or layout parts will be placed in this discussion.

Excel database of library parts

I was wondering if you had an excel database alias of the library parts. FOr example, an NE555 would be a 555 timer, SO14, etc. Figuring out which component does what function is difficult and time consuming, albeit doable.
An excel compilation of all the parts would expedite selecting parts.
Please advise.
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Custom library not accessible

I have created some components in a custom library (symbols with footprints).
From the schematic page, when I try Insert/Add part/Browse (or search), my custom library is not listed.

Using win7 pro 32-bit, NO hidden files/directories.
How can I add my custom library to the list for access?
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part search

I am using PCB123 V5.0.3.1 and attempting to find some parts in the PCB123 libraries. The PCB123_V5 manual (page 88) shows a part search screen but doesn't show to get to this screen in the software...

Also, are most of the Digikey parts available or is there a list of which ones are available either through sunstone or some online PCB123 user group? I would prefer not to spend time making these if they are ...
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Relay libraries not included with PCB123


Are there any additional repositories for parts libraries not included with PCB123? Specifically I am looking for relays. This part:


Sorry for the question as I'm a newbie and am trying to find this part to complete my PCB layout.

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Moving a Part without the Trace

I have a board that is laid out and I just received some new requirements. In order to make things fit on the existing board I need to move a couple parts just a little. When I move the part the software wants to move the routed traces as well. Is there a way to just move the part and not the traces? This is a big pain when you only have to move the ...
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RJ 45 socket with mounting posts

Cant find in library
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Net selection between connector pins.

I have a net between two adjacent pins on a connector symbol that I want to delete. I am not able to select the net to delete the net. I have refreshed the screen to insure the net is real and not an artifact.

I have attached a screen shot of the net between the two pins and I circled it.

Is there a filter function that I can apply so I can only select ...
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part library location

Is there any way to move the libraries to another folder? My company has locked down the "program data" folder and I cannnot save parts in that directory.
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Can a layout Polygon be a Pin?

That's pretty much my question. I need some arbitrary shape for a connection pin. I know how to make the polygon, that's fine. And I can embed a small pin inside the polygon, and get the result I want, but the DRC errors kind of slow down the redraw. Is there any way to use pin or polygon properties to let the editor know that my intention is for the pin and polygon to overlap? ...
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Help reading footprints

The PCB123 footprint selection process is too vague. I just don't know what I am getting. So, I blindly make a chose something from the description and have to check it later.

I can use the footprint editor and ruler to measure pad sizes and placement. However, it is a painfully slow GUI way to get text numbers that are already there.

I think the present process will lead to too many errors.
Does anyone ...
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