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Manage parts option


Allow users to edit and manage parts directly by right clicking on object in schematic or layout and editing from there.

Now, I have to look up part number, go to symbol editor, click open tab, paste number, etc...

Also, manage parts isn't linked to the symbol editor, so if I want to manage a part, I have to physically find the part AGAIN in manage parts
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Digikey Parts


Have digikey put a link on the parts that are in the PCB123 library. "Add to PCB123 schematic and layout" button.

This way people don't have to search all the time which is very tedious.
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Can't resize PCB board once board config has been set


Please allow users to resize board from a easy to use menu. (changing grid is difficult for this)
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EAGLE Software - Generate Gerber Files


Here at Sunstone, we have CAM jobs which contain preselected object layers to generate Gerber files needed for our products using EAGLE software. But in case you do not have the cam jobs, or wish to generate the Gerber files using the default CAM jobs in EAGLE, we have written instructions here that are easy to read and can help guide you through the file generation.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please ...
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I'm planing to start process of ordering "Full Feature PCBs" with V-scoring sometime next week. This is the first time when I will order V-score routing, and I have several questions.

On the Full Feature Quoting web page, Quote Assistant display this information about V-score:

Outer edge of at least 1.5".
We step & repeat with 0.500" rails.

1. Could you please provide more details about 1.5" outer edge requirements? Is it mean that ...
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Sunstone Removes Drill Size Restrictions on Quickturn

Back in 'The Day', when we first launched our Quickturn PCB services, Sunstone had to put some restrictions on some features to allow our customers more affordable, and fast, turn-time boards. Back then, these restrictions made it easier for Sunstone to minimize the number of tool changes and job-specific setups. That kept the factory running at full-tilt, and THAT kept our turn times short while still priced competitively.

One of those key parameters we limited ...
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Full Featured NRE saves you when you reorder

For over ten years, our Full Feature Multi-layer PCB fabrication service has given you total control over all aspects of your multi-layer circuit board's construction, AND Sunstone’s experienced engineering team to work with you, ensuring that your new PCB designs meet Sunstone’s manufacturing requirements.

Sunstone just recently introduced an NRE line item for first-time orders of your PCB Design. NRE has been a standard charge for most PCB manufacturers. So it comes as no surprise ...
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What is native file upload?

Native file file upload is the option that allows you to submit an Eagle, Protel/Altium, OrCAD (with .MAX file extension), Ivex, or Ultiboard design file in place of gerber data.

To save you time we allow you to submit your native design file and we will generate the gerber data for you. If the order is for double sided we will generate the gerber data and proceed with your order.

For multi-layer boards we will ...
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How do I order silver boards?

You can order Silver(RoHs) board on our PCBexpress Quickturn service and Full Feature service at no extra cost:

PCBexpress quickturn service:

Full Feature service:
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Order on hold for insufficent clearances?

Does your order keep getting put on hold for insufficent inner layer clearances or your outer layer pads are too small and you're just not sure what this means?

Here is an inner layer clearance

Here is a outer layer pad

We have a drill table listed on our PCB Manufacturing page that shows what your pad size or clearance to your drill hole should be. Your pads should be .018" larger than ...
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