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New Release PCB123 V5.4

We have released a new version of PCB123 - Version 5.4.

Version 5.4 vastly expands users' options for manufacture by adding a direct order channel to Sunstone's PCBpro services. Users have always been able to order PCBpro manufacturing for PCB123, but doing so required placing the order outside the normal in-tool ordering process. Now, users can access PCBpro directly inside PCB123, giving them more options for lead times, quantities, board complexity, and manufacturing rigor.

The ...
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Design for Manufacturability Tool: DFMplus in BETA TEST

Sunstone Circuits' DFMplus is currently in BETA TEST and we'd love your input on what YOU need from your DFM tool. DFMplus will allow potential issues to be fixed in the PCB design phase, to ensure manufacturability by Sunstone Circuits. By using the DFMplus tool, design engineers may be able to avoid probable production problems that can now be addressed during the design stage.

Please check out more information here: Sunstone Printed Circuits DFMPlus.

Reply ...
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Layer Count


I am new to PCB Manufacturing and have already gotten confused by the process. When the term "2 layer board" comes up, does this mean that there are a TOTAL of 2 layers (including signal, legend/overlay, solder, etc...) or that there are 2 SIGNAL layers (ones with copper on them, with overlay, solder, etc. layers omitted)?
The quoting page lead me to believe that 2 layer implied a board with 2 signal layers since ...
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Sunstone Circuits Launches New Corporate Website

Sunstone Circuits®, the leading printed circuit board PCB Prototype solutions provider, has launched a new corporate website dedicated to making the PCB design engineer’s life easier, from project quote to PCB delivery. The new website, which is cleaner in design and easier for the user to navigate, features streamlined navigation and user content, including whitepapers, videos, and customer testimonials.

Visitors to the new website will notice a new “look and feel,” more comprehensive search functionality, ...
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Trouble using the Sunstone website with Internet Explorer

If you are having trouble using the website and are on Internet Explorer 11 please try the following.

Go to Tools> View Compatability Settings. Add the page, select OK and try again. Please contact customer support if you continue to have trouble.
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minimizing cost


I need 48 small identical 1.6''x1.2'' boards to be made. I could order them as 48 individual boards or I could put 8 in a larger board and order 6 of them, etc. How do I minimize the total cost?
In general, is it better to order many small boards or fewer but larger ones. There may be minimum in cost. Any advice?

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ValueProto Details

I'm Planing to order ValueProto Boards and have some questions:
1. On ValueProto Quote page it is said that: "Board Shape is not limited to rectangles". Could you provide more details please, particularly Is it possible to make this type of board shape:
Bard Shape.jpg

There are four round slots ~1/4 inch size.
2. What is "white top side legend optional" - is it one side silkscreen? or something else? ...
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Blinded vias


Is there a way for PCB123 to make a blinded via?

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Silkscreen, Removing Ink from PCB? Silkscreen, Removing Ink from PCB?

Is it possible to remove printed silkscreen from the pcb without abrasion? Is there a chemical that can dissolve it? This would be removing a letter or two, maybe a polarity symbol or marking. This would NOT be to remove entire fields.
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Copy paste


Allow shortcut control c and control v throughout program including text from other programs and within symbol and manage part editor.
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