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The correct way to use off page port in schematic.

When you try to use an "Off page Port" on your schematic to show the connection between different pins on different schematic pages, there are details and steps you need to follow to get the correct port name and net.

The steps to add an off page ports are:

1. Click on the "off Page port" Icon.

2.You will see on the left side of your screen the "Edit panel", It will show "NET1" for ...
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Exporting Schematics as PDF or VSD files

How can I export schematics as PDF's or Microsoft Visio files?
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Drag a wire

Once a wire is placed on the schematic, say between a port and a pin, if you move the port symbol the wire jumps around (probably for it's own convenience)... so, how do I grab a corner or section between corners and move it back to where I want it. Deleting the wire and reconnecting it is a bit like fingernails on a chalkboard.
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Orcad to PCB123 conversion:

Using the PCB123 wizard is easy. But how do I format the Orcad netlist? What orcad property will correlate to the PCB123 part? What orcad property will correlate to the PCB123 footprint? The foot print selection is based on the part property "PCB footprint" in Orcad Capture. If the PCB footprint is found (exact match) in the library, that part is just added to the layout automatically, and will not appear in the selector. If ...
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Re:jpg 2 schematic

There is no easy way to convert a jpg into a PCB123 schematic. You would need to recreate the schematic in the PCB123 schematic editor. This means finding or creating all of the parts then layout out the schematic. Once you have the schematic complete you can switch over to the layout and begin moving the footprints into position and routing the traces.

Since you already have the schematic drawn you could skip redrawing the ...
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How do I make schematic symbol pin labels invisible?

You will need to edit the symbol.

Select Tools > Symbol Editor.

Maximize the symbol editor to see all of the tool bar options then select the Image Open Symbol toolbar button to load the symbol you want to edit.Hold down Ctrl and left click on a pin to select a pin and edit its properties.You will now see the Pin Attributes under the Symbol Panel. If you want to make the Pin Name invisible ...
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Shortcuts for port labeling

The information listed below can be found in PCB123. When you select a port look to the top section of the edit panel for the button labeled Shortcuts.

A bar(line) can be placed over pin names and net names by appending two consecutive hypens (--) to the end of the name.

Sequence of pin names, pin numbers and net names can be generated using shorthand notation.

All shorthand within a base name appears inside square ...
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The PCB123 v4 schematic title block is gone.

There are a few lines missing or incomplete in the pcb123.ini file located at the following location.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PCB123

Modify this block if it already exists, or append it to the end of the file:


This will display the title block for all new board files. If you have an existing file that does not display the title block you can modifiy the page size after updating the ini ...
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What do I do_v2 shematic not compatible with v4

The schematic has been completely redone since v3. V2 schematic information will not open in V4. I recommend keeping the schematic in v2 then export a netlist. You can then read that netlist into the v4 layout to update. This requires you to keep the layout and schematic separate but will result in the least amount of rework.

You could also keep this design entirely in v2 and only order in v4. Make sure to ...
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V4 symbol creation and library locations

The libraries are stored in the following locations:

Vista and Win 7-8: C:\ProgramData\PCB123\Lib\Custom

XP : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PCB123\Lib\Custom

You may not be able to see this folder until you show all of your hidden files. Here are the steps to show hidden files and folders for Vista.

1. Click the round blue Start thing in the left corner
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click Folder Options
4. Click the View tab
5. Click ...
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