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Schematic symbol does not update after editing

This problem you are experiencing is a know issue that we hope to have resolved in a future release. The original version of the edited symbol is stored with the board file. If you close your design and start a new layout you could add the modified part and you would see the updated symbol. If you are too far along in the current schematic to start over, you can use the updated symbol by ...
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Schematic Symbol Editor monopolizes the CPU

I have noticed over at least the two preceding versions of V4 and the current version that whenever the Symbol Editor is invoked, approximately 99% of CPU time (as shown in the Task Manager and observed subjectively) is used by the Symbol Editor. I am using Windows XP SP 3. I thought might be related to anti-virus, but turned it off completely with no change in symptom. Anybody else seeing this phenomenon?
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Meaning of * in Symbol Editor

I selected a LED (598-8310 107F) using Add Part. The schematic symbol looked rather strange, so I went to the Symbol Editor and loaded it. I found an "*" shown under the Section along with a repeat of the pin number. Anybody know what this means and how to use it (assuming one would wish to use it)?
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Breaking schematic into pages

I have completed a design and want to print out the schematic. Unfortantly, I made the drawing too big to print with the printer I have access to. I tried to add pages and copy parts of the schematic to it, BUT it then proceded to unroute that section. Does anybody know a way to break up the schematic without unrouting the board? I guess I could copy the design to a new file and ...
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creating a PCB for use with a card-edge connector?

first, I'm new here (hi!) and I'm stumbling through the schematic and layout editors, learning as I go.

One question, I want my board to plug into an off-board card-edge connector. How do I indicate this on the schematic? The connector won't be part of the board itself, but I need some way of telling the schematic here is the I/O, that in the layout forms the card edge. Do I use a port? ...
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Changing title block

I cannot find the board configuration panel shown on page 99 of PDF for PCB123 schematic manual to edit title block.
I also cannot find the "Edit Panel" showing display, project and DRC tabs mentioned on page 24 of PDF.

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I forgot to place a section of my multi-part symbol

PCB123 will allow you to place the missing sections. Use the following steps from the schematic.

Right click on one of the existing sections of your multi-section symbol and select properties. Copy the _PARTNUMMFG Value then close the properties window.

Go to the toolbar and select the Add Part button. Paste the copied manufacturer’s part number into the search criteria then select Go. Locate the correct part in the list of parts then select OK. ...
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Re:Replacing a part

Excellent suggestion. Thanks for the feedback.
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Re:Resize PCB when 99% complete

See the how to edit board outline thread.

PCB Board Outline
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Re:Pin thinks it is connected - has blue dot

Yes, send me the 123 file. This is the first time this issue has been reported. If you can provide steps to reproduce the issue I can report it to our development team.
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