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Paper size

Can the page size be set so that the application always starts with a B size sheet?
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There are possibilities of PCB123 simulate a circuit?

In the future there are possibilities of PCB123 simulate a circuit?
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Creating edge card contacts

I just started using PCB 123 recently for a project i'm doing, but due to my inexperience I have gotten a bit stuck. So I want to create a PCB with about 50 card edge contacts. I have found a (seemingly) suitable connector:

But I'm having trouble interpreting the data sheet for the connector and getting necessary info about the layout of the mating card (my PCB). i.e. how far apart should the ...
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Port/Text properties request

I have a feature request:

I would like to be able to change the _NETNAME property for ports (global, off-page, votlage, ground) from the properties editor for the port (right now it's locked). I would also like to be able to edit the text in a text string from the properties editor (right now it's not even shown). (Really I would like anything you can modify in the edit panel to be available in the ...
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Problems with BOM

I have found an issue where changing part attributes does not affect the BOM spreadsheet.

I laid out a number of circuits using general placeholders for passives. Later I changed the manufacturer name, part number, value, and digikey number to components I selected, and those parts were copied and inserted into the schematic after removing the old placeholder part.

However, these updates were not propagated to the BOM spreadsheet; instead, the BOM still shows the ...
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Schematic Size

I am new to PCB123 and I apologize if this is a stupid question, but the Schematic page is not large enough for me to cleanly make the necessary connections. I cannot figure out how to either make all components smaller or make the schematic larger. Any help would be appreciated!
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New to PCB123 Connection width


I have just begun to learn how to use PCB123 after using Power PCB and Pads Logic for many years. I may be spoiled, but PCB123 is much more integrated than Power PCB and I am determined to learn how to use PCB123.

I am reading the manual and trying things out. One thing that I'm having trouble with is the connection linewith and tiedot diameter. They are so small that they won't print. ...
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Controlling Net Name Display

Is it possible to control the display of net names? The default size, location and the "pseudo wire" connecting the name to a pin often overlays and obscures other schematic details.
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Box around schematic section prevents wire connection

If you draw a box around part of your schematic page, this box will take up the whole area and prevent you from connecting traces from outside the box to the Pins inside the box. Please do not use this draw box function in PCB123 schematic tools for now. We will try to fix this problem in the future releases.

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How to convert from DIPTrace to PCB123? How to convert from DIPTrace to PCB123?

Hi Folks,

I need to import a schematic from DIPTrace to PCB123. I have the latest version of PCB123, but it doesn't seem to understand the file. Any help?

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