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Place bus in schematic

Please consider to add bus placement capability to the schematic. This should include multi-page buses connection. Thank you!
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Schematic Design suggested enhancement

Way back in the time of dinosaurs, PCB123 Schematic Capture had a neat feature where you could create a small database of often used components accessible from a toolbar initially on the right edge of the Schematic Capture window.

For example, most of us end up using 0.1 or 0.01 uF decoupling caps or pull up/down resistors all over in our designs. Would be nice to have these oft used components easily available rather than ...
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Bugs with text

I've encountered a few bugs related to text in PCB123 v5.2.0.0:

#1: If I right click on a text block and click copy, then try to paste it does nothing. (Work-around: use the select cursor to drag a selection box around it to select the text block, then copy the selection.)

#2: If I edit the contents of a text block in the edit panel under display then when I add a new text block ...
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Schematic Properties

Is there any way to change schematic properties for all pages at once? A lot of times in a schematic I want to change the schematic title, document number, schematic revision, etc. for all the pages in the schematic. Currently I have to go through and change these properties for every single page. This can be time consuming and is prone to errors when the schematic has dozens of pages. Thanks.
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Parts Libraries

I have upgraded to the latest version ( and am creating a new design. In previous versions of pcb123 I could create a new custom library and name it whatever name I want. Now when I create a new library it calls the library 'New Family'. But I cant rename it to my preferred name.
Why not? Is this a bug?
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pcb design schematic

Hello all,

I am doing a project where I have to design a PCB. I am new in this field. I am using EAGLE PCB software.

About my project: I am working on a project where I have to measure the environments temperature. I am using TI's CC2541 Bluetooth soc, temp sensor TMP102, DC DC convertor, SOC debug flash TSW-105-02-S-Q and MURATA's Balun transformer. Whenever I put the battery in my PCB, the temp sensor ...
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Out of Memory (RAM) in PCB123

I am going through an existing schematic replacing components as several that I initially picked are not in stock and I want an accurate BOM. I've noticed that if I replace a part (capacitor, resistor, etc.) with another by using the process of copy, paste to new location, wire connect, delete old then save I end up increasing the memory consumption by 100MB with each step. Within a short time my consumption goes from 626MB ...
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Export 3D model

Hi Can I check if we can have export of 3D model into common exchange format in the next release of PCB123?
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Removing wires

How do you select a wire between two closely adjacent pins on a component? Seems like I just snap back and forth to each pin without ever selecting the wire. I find I have to remove and reinstall such a component to delete wires. Is there something I am missing?
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Grid Lines don't appear

I setup Preferences for showing grid lines, but they don't seem to appear. What am I doing wrong?

Furthermore, grid settings don't seem to work in the schematic. That is, the grid does not seem to change. Again, what am I doing wrong?
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