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Big news, coming soon...

Connect with us on social for hints and prizes!

Exciting stuff is in the works here at Sunstone Circuits®, and we want you to be among the first to hear about it. This week, we'll post hints on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Decode the hints, and you'll unlock a discount code or prize - plus you'll be one step closer to our big announcement later this week.

Ready? Connect with us on your favorite ...
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Sunstone has a big announcement coming!

Get ready for a big announcement from Sunstone Circuits. If you like our new Facebook page, you'll be the first to hear the news!
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Fixed in 4.1.25:  4.1.20 crash to desktop bug Fixed in 4.1.25: 4.1.20 crash to desktop bug

We are aware a new bug was introduced with the 4.1.20 when a user goes into add part and in and out of the properties of a part the software will freeze and crash.


This has been reported to our developers and we hope for an update soon. We thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.
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Small circular pc board

Hello -

I need to lay out a small circular PCB (.72-.75" diameter). How do I get a circle this size?

Also, the board will need two slots in it for mounting components through the board (mechanical - not electrical). Any advice?
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Could I supply you FR4 board to use for my jobs?

I want to place a microstrip antenna on a PCB. However, the resonate frequency of the antenna will be changed by the properties of the PCB substrate. Rather than use a PCB which has a well defined value of Er like Rogers, if possible I'd like to use cheap FR4, but measure the permitivity myself. Once I know the properties of the board, which I can measure with a network analyzer, I'll be in a ...
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Can other PCB manufactuers use PCB123 files?

I'm trying to ascertain if PCB123 can be used to generate file which any decent PCB manufacturer can use, or whether one basically has to get the boards made by Sunstore. Can PCB123 output standard Gerber, NC drill files, and anything else that another PCB manufacturer would use?

I want to avoid "vendor lockin" where one is forced to use one company.

As another point, can you take files that are produced by KiCad?

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Full Feature – Lead Times Explained

Full Feature is our service a step up from Quickturn. It encompasses orders that require a little more detail and services then the Quickturn process. This service greatly benefits production runs with the flexibility of longer lead times.

Full Feature boards have a cut-off time of 2:00 pm; this is an important factor in determining when the ship date of your order will occur. Since the Full Feature PCB service offers a free design review. ...
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PCBexpress Quickturn Lead Times Explained

Lead-time is the time it takes to manufacture your board. It will begin at the next following cut-off time once you have submitted your order. In order to prevent any delay, three things must be in place,

1. The order is received

2. The order is paid

3. The files have been approved

Since our cut off time for our PCBexpress Quickturn is every weekday 12:00 PM Monday – Friday (Saturday and Sunday will count ...
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PCBs for LED lighting applications

There's a global trend emerging, even before the previous trend had reached completion. After nearly a century of standardization on incandescent bulbs, LED lighting for bulb-type applications are coming on even before Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs could achieve a majority foothold in the global marketplace.

Eliminating Japanese Nuclear Reactor Led Lights

Some would say that's just as well, but this discussion thread is not to compare the strengths and weaknesses of CFL and LED.

Instead, ...
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PCB Quote to Order Step by Step.

You have completed your quote and now you are ready to place your order.

If you have missed my previous post on profile set up and how to obtain a quote they are located here:
Creating A User Profile
Getting an instant quote for your PCB

To convert your previous PCB quote to an order, sign on to your Sunstone profile and click my quotes link on the top right hand side. Locate the quote ...
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