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How do I move existing tracks to another layer? How do I move existing tracks to another layer?

I just finished a 2-layer PCB layout but need to implement a design change -- I have to increase the number of layers to 4 so that I have ground planes on either side of my tracks. I need to move my top and bottom tracks to the two inner layers. How do I do this?

I tried selecting a track and changing the layer but it only affects one segment, and I have hundreds ...
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Connecting analog and digital ground to each other in PCB

How do I connect the analog and digital ground to each other in the layout toool. See attached document.
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Autoroute Errors

I have run autoroute on my design. I get a message that there are 2 errors.
How can I find where those errors occur in the design?
How can I print the netlist?
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PCB123 V5.0.3 installation: Invincea PCB123 V5.0.3 installation: Invincea

While running installation, I get a window saying:

"The following applications are using files which the installer must update. You can either close the applications and click "Try Again", or click "continue" so that the installer continues the installation, and replaces these files when your system restarts"

and then lists:
Invincea Browser Protection
Invincea VM Manager
Invincea Service

Invincea is the S/W installed by our IT folks ...
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2-sided footprint that's not a mirror image

I'm trying to make a footprint for SMA board edge connector (e.g. DigiKey P/N WM5536-ND). the connector has 3 solder pads on top side and 2 on the bottom. I search the forums and still cant figure out how can I make such a footprint. Could you point me in a right direction?
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Panelization with PCB123

We need to have a number of identical small boards made, with sizes in the order of 0.3"x1". Is there any way to design some sort break-away panelized board in PCB123? For example via routing, perforation holes, or V-score?
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Need a hand with 1 PCB Need a hand with 1 PCB

I put together a circuit for a friend that has 28 parts and I need to just make one of them. I was going to just hand wire it on a perf board and then noticed how inexpensive it would be to have a pro PCB made up for it.

However, I ran into the catch, learning 123PCB and doing a layout like this looks like a little more than I had bargained on, this ...
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Feature Request - 3D View

I know the 3D View tool is not meant to be an end-all be-all modeler. But it would be really great if there were two other configuration switches:
1) Transparent On or Off. By that I mean, make the board either see thru (as it is now) or opaque top and bottom so you only see one side at a time
2) Perspective or Orthographic Projection. Right now it only does perspective. Orthographic would give ...
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Symbol Original Name

I note on the .BOM a column titled Original Name. I had not noticed when modifying my schematic that apparently an R is prefixed to the symbol name under some conditions. Can anyone explain when the R is prefixed (under what conditions)?
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I want to make a PCB with castellations on the edge of the board. Do I just put plated holes halfway over edge of board and ignore the errors? I have not found anything at addresses this.
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