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Problem with pins and vias keeping their attributes


I've been using this program for about a month. So far I've found it fairly comparable to PADS and Allegro for the most part since I don't use very specialized features on those other programs, but I digress.

One issue I've had is that when importing an updated netlist and running the "compare/update", it works for the most part, but random vias and pins on parts will lose any attributes I have set for ...
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V5.1.2 Feedback


Here's a couple of issue I've noticed in v5.1.2.

1. In high contrast mode in layout you can no longer see pin/net names on pads. It looks like the color for the text is the same pink as the pads. I use high contrast mode a lot, so this can be an inconvenience.

2. When moving text for schematic parts that have been flipped vertical the text moves the opposite direction of the mouse ...
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Key not valid for use in specified state

If you get an error message "Key not valid for use in specified state" during installation. This is caused by a bug in Windows update KB2918614. Here is the link to this Windows Update

Known issues with this security update

Known issue 1

After you install this security update and try to install any MSI package that uses a mandatory or temporary user profile, the MSI package installation ...
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PCB123 windows 8 installation fail due to permission issue.

For some user trying to install PCB123 on windows 8 PC, it might fail due to writing permission to some folders.

Make sure you are the Admin of this PC,
Make sure you are setting the right permission to the C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp folder, and right click> properties> security> full control to current user

This should fix the installation problem.
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Incorrect routing

I am new and learning. I have been using HiwireII for years and thought I would give PCB123 CAD Software a shot. I have designed a small learning schematic and pcb but have some problems. I have designated the trace width and clearance for the net AGND as .020 and .020. The autoroute routes and runs the .02 trace but always runs it too close to pins creating drc errors. No matter what I try ...
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Silkscreened Logo

How can I add a company logo (image file) to the silkscreen?
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Funny Shaped Part Pads

I have a part with some oddly shaped pads specified in the part's recommended footprint. It seems that in the footprint editor, there are only 3 options for pin shapes. Therefore, I chose the closest one (square pad) and then extended them to match the recommended footprint using filled polygons in the metal layer.

My problem is that I get DRC errors indicating that the polygons are too close to the pins. I cannot find ...
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Deleting Nets


How can I delete unused nets?

I'm in the midst of the learning curve of PCB123, and the board I'm working on now has a large number of repeating patterns. When I copy and paste, all the established nets are renamed (eg XXX_112) in the copy. I rename these as need be, but I can't find a way to delete the "temporary" nets that arose when I copy/pasted. It makes assigning nets extremely tedious. ...
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v5.1.0 Feedback

So I've been using version 5.1.0 since it was released and have some feedback:

1) Thanks for the update regarding faster rendering of PCBs with complex polygon areas. The change is definitely noticeable and appreciated, but I'd say it is likely closer to a 2x boost in performance rather than 5-10x. On the PCBs I work with, it is still not possible to view the entire PCB with polygons rendered properly without PCB123 simply crashing. ...
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Convert PCB123 v3 to v5

I downloaded the latest PCB123 (v5) and tried to open one of my .123 files created in v3.

The board layout looks fine, but the schematic is just the components, not laid out or connected. How do I get back my original schematic?
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