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pcb design

What is the maximum pin count on a pcb that PCB 123 can handle?
Harold Wood
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New Version 5.2.0

The newest version of PCB123 (v5.2.0) has several exciting feature enhancements that will drastically improve the user experience and speed up the design process. Now you will be able to render designs with complex polygon fills . . . in real time. This will allow smooth panning and zooming even for the most complex files. Gone are the days where “work arounds” were needed to get the job done. Check out our video to see ...
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Failure of new part creation

I have V5 installed on a windows 7 machine.
I cannot create any parts.
Whenever I try to save anything all I get is an error and the new work is saved in a temp file because access to the library file is denied. I have a .doc file with a picture of the screen if that would help.
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Copy & Paste possitioning


I would like to replicate PCB Design. PCB design in layout window using copy and paste. The problem that I run into is that the pasted design coordinates are some rather odd numbers in reference to the board and to mouse cursor. I am not able to place the pasted design to the desired location at all. however hard I try, it is always end up a notch off in each coordinate.
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Solder Mask

If I were to place the reference designator in copper, is it possible to prevent solder mask from covering it?
So as to be easier to see?
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Is there a Apple MAC version of PCB123?
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Ground net tracks moving unexpectedly

I am creating a 4 layer board with an inner ground plane. As I start to make traces which attach to the ground plane, they are not actually locked in place with the part which they are attached to. PCB123 makes apparently random connections between various pins on different parts which are connected to the global ground net.

Example: it shows a 'connection' between the cathode of an LED and a microcontroller ground pin, both ...
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V5.1.2 and V5.1.3 don't keep track of recent files V5.1.2 and V5.1.3 don't keep track of recent files

Neither PCB123 versions 5.1.2 or 5.1.3 seem to be able to keep track of recently used files. I find that I always have to do a File-Open operation and search to the file even though I may have just finished working on it and closed it. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change? Or is it some kind of Windows 7 security policy that does not allow PCB123 to write the recently-used data? ...
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V5.1.2 and V5.1.3 Can't find Standard.TAX V5.1.2 and V5.1.3 Can't find Standard.TAX

After installing PCB123 versions 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 I get an error message at startup that says it can't find C:\ProgramData\PCB123\Lib\Standard\ I found that file at C:\AllUsers\PCB123\Lib\Standard\ which was created by earlier versions of PCB123. How can I fix this?
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how to lock a plane

Is there any way to lock a flooded polygon in place? Every ground and power plane I make ends getting accidentally moved as I fiddle with traces and components. I figured out how to lock components and that's a huge time saver. I wish I could do the same for planes.
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