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Layout Net Tracks Highlighted

Is there a way to associate all track/segments of a net so that when a section of the net is highlighted with the mouse cursor over a segment that all of the net is highlighted not just the small portion?
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5.1 quirks and notes

Thought I would chime in with some observations and gotchas before they bite someone else.

First, a reminder (I guess I forgot this) that TH pads on Layout appear on the Mechanical Layer while surface mount pads appear on either Top or Bottom Layer. Through me for a loop as I often shut down the Mechanical Layer to keep the Layout cleaner for design. Imagine my surprise to see (rats nest) wires running all over ...
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Regenerate Mechanical Layer

After putzing around for nearly half an hour trying to figure out how to regenerate the Mechanical Layer (after changing board dimensions manually), thought I would pass along that simply saving the design regenerates this layer automatically(at least it updated the new board dimensions).
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"Digikey" Library

Sometime ago, I believe there was some discussion about getting a new library that would incorporate MANY more ic's from Digikey with stock availability. This would certainly make designing less tedious as many of the chips in present libraries (at least last time I checked) are simply not available from Digikey (or, for that matter, most any other source).
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Bad Netlist

Salutations :D

I have a netlist (generated by Design Spark) an PCB can not read it.
So my question is how can I fix it so PCB can read it.

Thanks you in advance :D

Rocket Nut
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Selecting multiple traces

I am new to PCB123 and this is the first layout I have ever worked on. I am laying out a 6 layer board that is very dense. I have one footprint for a connector that has ~200 pins at 0.100"x0.100".
I have Several parallel traces where all points have moved by one square on the grid from their original position.
I want to select 12 traces, but traces that transverse the traces on other ...
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Taking advantage of dual monitors

Is there a way to make use of a second monitor with PCB123? I would like to be able to quickly move between schematic and layout, and having to switch tabs is cumbersome.
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PCB123 Walk-Through

Thank you for your interest in PCB123. With all the curiosity in our software, we find that many of the questions we receive are about simple set up of a board. While we do have a manual on some of the more complicated issues and an online forum for general questions, there is no true walk through on using the software. The purpose of this document is to take the reader through a step ...
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Extra bit of plane between pins

I have 20 pin SOIC part on the top layer of a two layer board. Pin 19 is N/C. Pin 18 is GND. I flooded the top layer of the board with a polygon connected to GND. It connects fine to pin 18 but inserts an odd bit of trace between pin 18 and 19, connected to 18 and almost touching 19. It's definitely part of the polygon. I can't get rid of it. If ...
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AutoRouting: What Is An Autorouter And Why Do I Care?


What Is An Autorouter And Why Do I Care?
An autorouter is a toolset inside your layout software. The autorouter uses the netlist or schematic data to automate connecting components in your layout. The autorouter attempts to efficiently complete your board interconnect according to the rules set forth in the design setup.

Autorouters have been around just about as long as there have been CAD tools. EDA industry pioneers like Masstec, Mentor Graphics, ...
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