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pcb123 order form fails, no part revision, solution

When I go to order, the online form auto-fills everything but the Part Revision section. When I try to press the ‘Check Out’ button, I receive an error telling me that I must enter a revision number. However, the Part Revision section is grayed out and will not allow input.
On your layout view, scroll over to the title block.
Set your select filter to text only.
In the title block, find the ...
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Printing Options

Feature Request for Printing Options when printing artwork.

Printing Options:
1) Center of Page (Like current Printing 1 copy in center)
2) Custom Output
Image Origin:
Top Left
Top Right
Bottom Left
Bottom Right
(Could be a square graphic with dot selection points to pick from)

Multi Images:
## Horz Copies
Add Space Between Horz Copies (Gutter space)
## Vert Copies
Add Space Between Vert Copies (Gutter Space)

Page Origin:
Offset From top ### ...
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tips to setup & order for wide trace/space

Problem; you are trying to order a 3 oz copper board but the order form keeps telling you your trace/space is only 6mils.
This is not necessarily because you didn't route your board with big fat traces and sufficient spacing to keep from shorting, it is because your default setup has not bee updated to reflect your desired result.
In order to change this, you will need to do a couple of things.
First, select ...
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PCB123 has just made V5.5 available for download.

With V5.5, PCB123 is now running with a direct connection to the new Sunstone OneQuote environment at

BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR NEXT ORDER: please take a moment to migrate your Sunstone/PCB123 user account to the new Sunstone webiste by clicking here:

Now PCB123 will allow you to:

* select pricing models based on ...
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PCB123 now using the new 2017 OneQuote form

BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR NEXT ORDER: please take a moment to migrate your Sunstone/PCB123 user account to the new Sunstone webiste by clicking here:

PCB123 is excited to tell you that all versions of PCB123 are now sending orders to the new Sunstone Circuits OneQuote system.

PCB123 prior to V5.0:

You will be able to successfully place your orders.
IMPORTANT: The in-tool quoting information is not guaranteed to ...
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Schematic wires

I am using PCB123 version 5.4.1 and have noticed that after deleting a wire connection in schematic it shows back up at random when redrawing/panning the first few times then it is gone. It's not a valid connection just not cleared fully from the drawing.

Also when placing the cursor over a wire line to delete it the first wire deletes fine. When deleting the next one the screen flashes I see the one I ...
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Flexible BOM

The BOM function automatically lists all parts in a design, and calculates the board cost based on current prices by DIGIkey. This is fantastic, when the design and the components fixed to it is indeed the finished product.

However, when the attached component is, for example, a $0.10 IC socket, which will eventually hold a €15 microprocessor chip, the BOM becomes wildly inaccurate. The same is true when the used component does not have a ...
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DRC Error Types in PCB123

The attached PDF document documents the complete set of Error types returned by PCB123's in-tool interactive Design Rule Checker. If you're trying to figure out what might be causing a particular error, this set of descriptions just might help.
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Rat-Line Optimization

PCB123 Technical Support recently worked an interesting customer issue we thought we'd share with PCB123 users.

One of the display speed options for PCB123 is the ability to turn off Rat-line optimization. By default, PCB123 does some compute-intensive work to display an otpimal (minimally confusing) rat-line. But doing so can sometimes slow down the screen rendering. So there's a user option to turn the Rat-line optimization off.

For this particular customer's design, they had turned ...
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The GLOSS command in layout

In talking to customers, I often find that newer users aren't aware of the GLOSS command in PCB123. I find this particular function to be extremely useful during the routing phase of the design.

Here's what the PCB123 manual says about GLOSS:

"The Gloss command automatically performs aesthetic rerouting. It typically removes redundant corners and segments, often spreads routes out, and generally fixes such minor problems as acute angles and 90-degree bends. An example is ...
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