New CAD Conversion - Upload Your PCB Design Files

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New CAD Conversion - Upload Your PCB Design Files

Postby Molly O'Hara » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

We are now offering a new CAD conversion service when placing an order for our Full Feature or Quickturn printed circuit boards, saving the design engineer valuable time and effort. With the new native file upload functionality, customers will experience the following benefits:

1. More consistent conversion Allow the designer to focus on the design at hand; Sunstone Circuits will handle the CAD file conversion.

2. Faster transition to ordering As simple as attaching the PCB design file; the need for Gerber exports no longer exists.

3. Reduced Delays in manufacture Incorrect Gerber files are one of the most common reasons orders go on hold, or suffer delays. Eliminate this step with the new native file upload service.

4. Improved revision control Design modifications happen every day. A design engineer modifies a design, places an order for a revision of the board, but accidentally sends Gerber files from an earlier version. With native file upload, a customer can make the changes, send Sunstone Circuits the new version of the PCB design file, and there is peace of mind that what is received is the most up to date design data.

5. The CAD conversion is available at no extra charge. Find out more: PCB Native File Upload
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