How can we improve the PCB123 parts creation process?

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How can we improve the PCB123 parts creation process?

Postby Sal Hernandez » Mon May 14, 2012 9:30 am

We currently have a fairly complex parts creation process and the tools are spread about. It would improve the work flow if we could pull all of our parts creation tools into a single interface like the Parts manager. What I would like to see is the Generate footprint button, in Manage Parts, open the layoutNew Footprint tool. This should allow the customer to create or edit an existing footprint from one place. The New footprint tool would need to be modified to not only create a new footprint but allow the user to open an existing footprint for editing. We could then add the Footprint wizard that currently opens when you select Generate footprint to the tools menu in the New Footprint tool.

The Generate symbol buttons in the Manage Parts tool should open the symbol editor. This symbol editor allows you to create or edit symbols already and does not need to change as does the New Footprint tool.

After a footprint or symbol is created it should be automatically selected and shown in the preview in Manage Parts.

The customer can then fill in the properties and create his new part.

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Re: How can we improve the PCB123 parts creation process?

Postby dtaschler » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:03 pm

I would like to suggest that industry standard package footprints be set up and offered with the software. The process is not wildly difficult for custom parts, but it seems that the most common packages aren't easily available. I do agree with your comment about grouping the editing tools into one window! That would be helpful.

Another great tool would be to have a better scope of generic parts. Have resistors, capacitors, etc. with certain packages (0603, 0805, etc.). The generics taxonomy would have something like "Resistor, SMT, 0805". Then we could simply add a value and designator after inserted in the schematic.

Finally, can the parts offered with the software be organized better? Navigating the parts tree is a daunting task. I'm not too sure exactly how, but it's missing something.

I hope this feedback helps.
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