2.5 oz Cu requires 14 mil annular minimum ring

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2.5 oz Cu requires 14 mil annular minimum ring

Postby Sal Hernandez » Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:31 am

"Pad annular ring too small with object ‘xx.x’ Required annular is 14.0 mils. Actual annual is # mils"

This is an error you might see if you have selected 2.5 oz Cu. All of our footprints are created with annular rings for 1 oz Cu. 14 mils is the minimum annular ring for a 2.5 oz Cu selection. If 1 oz Cu is selected the minimum annular ring is 8 mils.

There is an easy fix.

On the menu bar go to Design > Board Configuration and select 1 oz Cu then select ok. Now go right back into the Board Configuration and select 2.5 oz Cu. You will be asked if you want to enlarge pads for the heavier copper weight. Select Yes to apply the change. You will then see a second prompt asking if you want to increase the net properties to the minimum required for 2.5 oz Cu, 13 mils. Select Yes to apply the change. After making the changes, run the DRC again to make sure you don’t have any unwanted spacing violations.

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